CompanyJulia Pogodina Studio
PhotographerArt direction & concept: Julia Pogodina Makeup...
PrizeAdvertising / Beauty
Entry Description

Kazemir Malevich. As a photographer, I find that perfect composition of a picture is based upon primary geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines and rectangles, which together form a golden ratio. My fascination with color makes it a central technique to convey mood within a photograph. The use of primary colors isn’t the only aspect of Surprematism that inspires me. The term itself refers to an abstract art based upon the supremacy of pure artistic feeling rather than a depiction of the object. This is the main principle I wanted my photographs to convey for this project. By taking a well-known work of art and painting it onto a nude female body, I aim to morph the human shape into the geometry of the original piece. This morphing can evoke emotions beyond a simple appreciation of art, instead mixing appreciation and desire.

About Photographer

Julia Pogodina, originally from St.Petersburg, Russia, moved to New York in 2005 where she made a successful transition from corporate law to fashion photography and rapidly gained international recognition and clientele. Julia currently lives and works in her studio in Brooklyn.