CompanyBarbara Cole Photography
PhotographerBarbara Cole
PrizeFine Art / Abstract
Entry Description

Over the past 25 years my practice has dealt with figure transformation. 
Duplicity, my current project, continues exploring this theme underwater. Since 2002 I have been using the 
shape- shifting quality of moving water and mirrored reflections. The challenge is to 
break apart the human body only to re-assemble it in an unfamiliar yet 
extraordinary way.

About Photographer

B A R B A R A C O L E Cole got her start in photography at the Toronto Sun newspaper in 1972, where she went to work as a fashion writer after high school. She worked her way up to fashion editor, and was then responsible for providing everything for her section, including photography. After learning the basics from the photojournalism-oriented shooters, Cole went out on her own. Today, Coles work is exhibited internationally and is widely collected by both public and private institutions. Most recently, Cole was honored at the 6th Festival International de la Photographie de Mode in Cannes. She won the prestigious Grand Prix for Fashion Photography award. Throughout her experiences, Cole always remained true to her artistic vision by carefully following her intuition. www.barbaracole.com