Flawless Love 2014

PhotographerSim Chang, the winner in Advertising category o...
PrizeAdvertising / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

Stimulated by violence and porn images produce from whole media everyday. Even though We try to observe the objects in front of our world, but they are no longer represent by themselves essence. The reflection of objects we picture already been retranslated by the media stereotypes . The media stereotype adjust our memory palace and block off our mind . When we come again to ourself, we already unable to distinguish which is the real world. Imaginations are much more beautiful than reality.Screen Generation connect the world and convert them into imaginations through the display.Therefore, a display becomes a room to count on and to release your emotion.Fall in love with virtual reality, make us desire to project ourselves into one of the characters inside.Is this the perfect dream we have been longing for? An illusion may be the reality to those who’s addicted in it. Falling in love with their own imaginations may be a much more beautiful truth than reality.

About Photographer

Sim Chang Born in Taipei MA, Visual Communication Design, Ling Tung University BA, Information Technology and Management, Shih Chien University