The Old Seven Mile Bridge from Pigeon Key.

PhotographerThis long-term project I’m working on came as...
PrizeFine Art / Architecture_FA
Entry Description

Very well then, go ahead is a research and archive work in memory of Henry Flagler, the oil business man who built the railroad that connects Miami to the Keys at the beginning of the last Century (Flagler’s Folly). The focus, the starting point or, I can say, my “obsession” it’s on the Old Seven Mile Bridge. How is time trying to involve this monument and his physical structure in the landscape? Is the bridge a built environment that changed a place forever? What’s the real meaning of monument?

About Photographer

I am a conceptual visual artist. I use photography and installation. My art research is based on the relationship between human being, environment, emotions and time. Images as ways to understand and express reality: the fusion between people, objects and places and the flat perspectives in my photographs, they help me to build a still-reality where emotions are cold and perfect. Single images, where a single story can be discovered, or sequences of images where a concept can be well-explained. I try to use photography to communicate, as a language. I've made work and personal experiences traveling around (USA, France, Great Britain) working as self-taught photographer or on assignments. I'm born and grown-up in Milan where I still live and work as photographer (commercial and art projects). I've worked also, for five years and after a EU special degree, as production assistant of cultural events (organization of exhibition, contest, music events, press office) especially to practice languages that I've studied at school (English, Spanish, French) and to understand how is working with different people in different life situations.