Streams of Particles

PhotographerOlga Gubanova
PrizeAdvertising / Architecture
Entry Description

People are like particles. They are the important achievement of the universe. They are like light whose photons can be interpreted like a particle and a wave. People can be a wave when we are talking about civilizations and can be a particle, unique individual. They enlighten and fill the world. Without them everything will be empty. My father had restored this place and I took it's photographs. This wasn't done simultaneously. Covered by primary stripes of light part of the wall of the building is round.

About Photographer

Olga Gubanova is an artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Originally born in Saint Petersburg in 1985 she was enrolled in Saint Petersburg State University at the Faculty of Psychology in 2002 and graduated the department Engineering Psychology and Ergonomics, the specialization Organisational Psychology, in 2007 with a M.A. in Psychology. She splits her time between being a project manager and an event planner (educational, social and business events), a writer (science fiction, stream of consciousness) and a photographer. She writes in English and in Russian. She is strongly attracted by minimalism, architectural and landscape photography. In 2014 Olga's photograph "Brittle Marble" was awarded in PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS PX3 competition by second and third prizes in categories Fine Art/Landscape and Nature/Trees. Series "Streams of Particles" was awarded by Honorable Mention in the category Advertising/Architecture. In autumn 2013 Olga's photograph "Ecru No. 16" was included in III Biennale of Contemporary Photography in The State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. In 2013 Olga was chosen as a finalist of 33rd Annual Spring Photography Contest presented by Photographer's Forum Magazine in USA. Olga's photograph "There Where Golden Cherries Hang" was published in 2013 in the US in the book "Best of Photography 2013". PUBLICATIONS The book "Best of Photography 2013", USA, 2013 Magazine:, Italy, 2012, 2013, 2014 Magazine:, USA, 2013 "Biennial Catalogue of III Biennale of Contemporary Photography in The State Russian Museum", Russia, autumn 2014 "Annual Px3 Book No. 07", France, winter 2014 Saint Petersburg Photographer Magazine, Russia, 2014, author, writer