I don't give a damn, I'll go by train

PhotographerGabriele Guida
PrizePress / Other_PJ
Entry Description

I met these men accidentally, but now I know that it was not a coincidence. The stories told in these photographs talk about human handicap and the right to integration. This project, started two years ago, recounts the lives of users of the institute for disability “Centro Speranza” in Fratta Todina, PG, Italy. This is just a part of the body of work, this is just my vision of reality. Over the past two years I started a photography laboratory with ten of these guys, because I was (and still am of course!) convinced of the importance of having their point of view, their reality! The project is divided into three parts that fit together: my own shots; their shots; and lastly some video interviews with parents, operators, doctors, to try to tell the backstage of disability.