Where is my son?

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Doña Nolbia is 68 years old. She lives in El Panal, Porvenir, Honduras. She is mother of 18 children. Four of them died when they were young; two are now living in United States, 10 are living in Honduras, even if some of them are planning to go back to United States again. And about the last one, Pedro Antonio, well known as Toño, Doña Nolbia has no information, since he left to migrate to United States 18 years ago. In Central America and particularly in Honduras, it is common to have a family member disappeared in Mexico. Migrants from Central America have to face many difficulties, while crossing Mexico: travel as illegals on the top of a freight train; attacked by robbers; kidnapped from organized crime, and forced to work for them. Often, women are raped or sold to a brothel. And many migrants died every day, because of the criminals, or following down from the train, or because the coyote that they paid, left them alone in the desert. These are migrants without any document. The family never know what happened to them. Or sometimes, these migrants, decided to stopped and start a new life in Mexico. For different reasons, they stopped also the communication with their family. But the memory of them, are alive in the hearts of these mothers that are waiting for their sons. Doña Nolbia is only one of the numerous mothers from the poorest Country of Central America that started to look for his disappeared son. Neither the Government of Honduras, neither the one of Mexico, are able or want to give the answer that these mothers are waiting for: “what happened to ours sons? Where are they now?”. For these reason, since some years ago, these mothers, with the helps of some NGO an