PhotographerCornelia Hediger
PrizePortraiture / Self-Portrait
Entry Description

Ohnmacht is a photographic narrative of a character, myself, undergoing a surreal, fantastic and dreamlike journey. The environments I am traveling through are stripped of time and the characters I encounter (the painter, the dancing pigs, the cone-headed creature and the invisible dog that is preying on me in form of a shadow) are otherworldly. The theatrical sensibility and the use of miniature, staged here on the TV made out of cardboard, is a gateway into a more abstracted description of human experience that brings the representation into a more poetic realm. Time implodes into itself, portraying human experiences as a vertical journey between existential planes. It is presented in a dream state, rather than as a linear timeline existing in our waking conscious life. The images are cinematic and my photographic process is a way of entertainment, wonder and surprise. For the past 15 years I have been working in self-portraiture. As humans we have the need to step out of our daily lives. We view a movie or read a book. My work is an attempt to do just that, I am telling stories through my photographs and I am trying to transport the viewer onto another plane.

About Photographer

Born in Switzerland, Cornelia Hediger lives and works in NYC. She earned both her BFA and MFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. In 2009, she was awarded a coveted PDNâ??s 30. Her images have been exhibited at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, Galerie Kunstagenten in Berlin, Germany , The Center For Photography at Woodstock, NY, Wall Space Gallery in Seattle, Voies Off 2008 in Arles, France, PS122 Gallery in NYC, Gallery Del Mese-Fischer in Switzerland, and Limlight9 in Canada. Her work has been featured in HotShoe magazine Issue #161 August/September 2009, SNOECKS 2010 in Belgium, Visura Magazine, New York Magazine (Art Candy), Abeâ??s Penny Volume 1.8, October 2009, Narte Espacio Movistar (Spanish online review), CPWâ??s PHOTOGRAPHY Quarterly Magazine, Vision Magazine China, and Contemporary.