PhotographerFong Hoi Lao
PrizePortraiture / Family
Entry Description

LEUNG CHUN, my father, a smoker but only smoke outside home. He was good at Chinese penmanship, drawing and carving when he was young. However, his talent of art was failed to further develop after moved to Macau due to life reality. I didn’t like him because he was very solemn when I was small. He heated me but never talk to me when I was disobedient. I still don’t have any good feeling from him after grew up, and I don’t know why although he is a good man, no drink, no drugs, no gambling except for smoking and also love my mother in single-minded. We seldom talk to each other although we live together. He never asked my situation about learning, works or life from small to now. Our relationship is like a glass of water without any flavor. One day afternoon , conversation of us. ‘’Wanna take some pictures?’’ I asked him. ‘’Ok.’’ he said. ‘’Go to those places u lived and select any clothes you like.’’ I said. ‘’Ok.’’ he said. That year, he is 62 years old and I am 30 years old. 2012/02/15.