Female Israeli Soldiers - Typologies

CompanyKorta Studio
Photographerwww.michalkorta.com www.kortastudio.com
PrizeFine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

Israel is one of the few countries, where girls AT the age of 18-20 have to serve In the military. It is their duty, for women military service in Israel is 2 years. The uniforms they wear point their membership to specific social group, in this case it is IDF (Israel Defense Force). Thanks to the precision with which the author records images of those young girls, huge differences between the individuals become visible, starting from their pose, the look through to the make up or jewelry pieces. All of this shows tension between being a woman and an individual on one side and the soldier on the other side. Pictures were taken in march 2013 in HaKirya military base in Tel Aviv. The full series consist of 30 portraits.