Delhi's invisible children

PhotographerAndrea de Franciscis
PrizePress / Other_PJ
Entry Description

Sumit is 12 and he sniffs 4 tubes of glue a day. He ran away from home and now lives with a small gang of street children at New Delhi Railway Station. As they make their money with rag-picking, they sleep, work and cluster around the station. They’re all are addicted to glue, it helps them overcome cold, hunger and gives them a break from the tough reality they live in. They are believed to be more than 50.000 only in New Delhi. Many are orphans, some have been abandoned but most of them have fled home beacause either poverty, violence or abuse. They catch the first train to big cities and they mostly end up in the streets, forced to give up their chilhood. You see them hanging around with lost and bleary eyes from morning until late night, holding in the fist their solvent soaked rag on the mouth. No one notices them, they seem to be invisible. They are the “railway children”, the forgotten children of Indian metropolis.