Maracanã Village.

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A group of Brazilian indians, belonging to different ethnic groups from all over the country, has occupied, since October 2006, an old colonial building abandoned.This building had previously hosted the ancient Indian Museum, until 1977, when the Musem was moved to its present location, in the district of Botafogo. With the arrivals of the next mega events and the renovation of the nearby stadium Maracanã, Rio Prefecture may decide to demolish the building, to make there a parking lot or a shopping center. The Indians want to make an indigenous cultural center with is a reference for all the indians passing trough Rio de Janeiro. In the last month of the 2012, the indians' struggle to defend this space, will be very tough. Activists and popular movements for human rights have joined the indigenous fight. Some of them have remained to sleep inside tho old Museum. On Friday, 22 March 2013, police in riot gear invaded the old Indian museum complex and pulled out a few dozen indigenous people who have peacefully resisted.