protest dog

PhotographerOrestis Seferoglou
PrizePress / General News
Entry Description

A dog lies on the road in front of a police block during a demonstration in the centre of Athens, Greece.

About Photographer

I was born in Athens, Greece, I'm a undergraduate student at the Physics Department of the University of Athens.Along with my studies, I'm very actively involved in photography. I have attended a series of seminars and courses on the techniques of analogue and digital photography and the theory of photographic art. In 2009 I attended the 1-year photography course in "Mikro Polytexneio" art seminars school under the guidance of photographer John Voulgarakis. Since 2010 I have been participating in the courses and the new projects at image and communication seminars under the guidance of photographer Thanos Papadopoulos. On January 2012, I attended a Master Photography Workshop with the internationally acclaimed photographer Anders Petersen in Athens, Greece.Photography is the hub for the creative evolution of my life. Since the beginning of my involvement with it, I realized that photography is more than a great love and a passion. It is a medium of the expression of my ideas and my concerns. It is above all the greatest and most effective opportunity to blend in and get close to people. That is precisely why I'm looking for then new ideas and new expressions of photography. Exhibitions and participation in projects: 2011 : - 2nd Annual Photography Exhibition at STUDIO65, Athens Greece. - TEDxAthens 2011. The Art of Disruption: PragmaTeam Days of 2011 photography project. - APhF:11. Athens Photo Festival 2011 OPEN SCREEN PROJECT. - Athens Photo Festival 2011 volunteering program: Organising the festival and setting up the exhibitions.