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Antonio Gibotta was born in Avellino in 1988, and he was keen on photography since his childhood , when he was enchanted with his father�s works.In 2006 he ccomplished the certificate in "Graphic design and photography�. The study, in his case, is the technique codification of his talent, expressed and refined through his multiple shoots. He will turn his passion into a profession, gaining a remarkable experience in work in Italy, abroad, and with reports. In the world of photography he can immediately see the appeal of the artistic element. He tends to portray the man, the various aspects of life and the relevance of social issues.Finalist and winner, in recent years, several international awards in photography: Contest: 2010: 2nd Place at Polaris Photo Contest 2010 with the photo "Veil of Light" category "Land and people go." 2011: In FIOF Professional Photography Awards 2011, obtained 2 Silver and 7 Bronze. 2011: Honorable Mention for his show "The other side of Tanzania" to R-evolution, conventions Fiof. 2011: Nominated to the American context "BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS INTERNATIONAL" jury chaired by members of Magnum, contrast, Fratelli Alinari. 2011: The Cultural Association "INTERNATIONAL PRIZE FOR CULTURAL NAPLES CLASSIC" FILE PHOTO AWARDS "THE OTHER SIDE OF TANZANIA" BY ANTONIO GIBOTTA. 2011: Exhibits at the Photo Exhibition organized by Vogue at the Palazzo Morando at the "Vogue Fashion's night out Milan." 2011: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ITALY publishes a photograph of one of the best in the months of July and one of the finalists of the competition in 2011 2011: The European Professional Photographer Federation (EFF) gets a gold and a silver in the category 'reportage' and the prestigious Golden Camera Award 2011. 2011: Gets a nomination to the fifth edition of the MASTERS CUP PHOTOGRAPHY, a prestigious international contest on color photography. 2011: From November 5 will be present in Lishui, China, with its photographic exhibition at the 14th INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC ART EXHIBITION, the most important festival of photography in all of China and one of the most important in the world. Current projects: "Project Factory"