Trash The Bride - Sarhea wants to wear her wedding dress once more
PhotographerMelanie Rijkers/
PrizePortraiture / Wedding
Entry Description

Young mother Sarhea [Zo Niet Saar] wants to wear her wedding dress once more. Sarhea/Saar suffers from Neuro Borreliose Lyme disease stage 3. She can't walk or eat anymore, she sometimes stops breathing when in severe brain cramps - 3 attacks a day - and she needs heavy doses of morfine. From a young and vibrant mother of two, she now lays in bed 24/7. Lyme destroyed a wonderful women, and her family. One of her wishes was to feel like a happy bride again, as she loves her husband so much and will treasure the memories of their beautiful wedding day untill the day she dies.

About Photographer

Melanie Rijkers (1971, Bakel, Pays-Bas) is known as the photo artist MeRy. She graduaded in 1996 at the St. Joost academy and is living and working in Breda. (les Pays-Bas) Specialty: to see things other people don't.