Lined up Indian Pilgrims in Bethlehem

PhotographerRiccardo Budini
PrizePress / Travel/Tourism
Entry Description

The area of Jerusalem and Bethlehem is a millennial host for multiple worships. Since 4th century it is the most important pilgrimage destination for Christians from all over the world. In spite of this, religious diversity has generated in time wars, violence and disputes. A delicate and unstable balance rules today the functions of each ethnic and religious group established in the area. In the photo a group of Indian Pilgrims is lined up waiting to enter the Nativity's Grotto, where Jesus is believed to be born. The church of the Nativity that hosts the Grotto is today controlled by the Greek Orthodox.

About Photographer

Riccardo Budini, formed as an architect, specialized later in documentary photography that he converted in his main activity, focusing on stories, social landscape and current affairs. Riccardo is the founder and managing director of the UnFrame documentary photography project