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PhotographerAxel Fassio
PrizePress / Travel/Tourism
About Photographer

Axel Fassio possesses an original vision with an acute aesthetic sense, specializing in shooting reportage photojournalism, portrait photography, travel and landscape imagery. His award winning photography has been the focus of several exhibitions and features regularly in a wide range of international travel, corporate and editorial magazines, retail books and newspapers. Born in Paris in 1972, at the age of fifteen Axel had already lived in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America and fluently spoke five languages. He has spent the last decade living, working and shooting in Sri Lanka, Argentina, Mali, Cambodia, Libya, India, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Peru and for many years has been a regular photographer for NGO clients with two books published. Axel's photography reflects a distinct vision and style; his photos narrate stories, illustrate concepts and revel in the sheer beauty of one moment.