CompanyRafael Rojas Photography
PhotographerRafael Rojas
PrizeNature / Earth
Entry Description

Reality or watercolors of an artist? While in the outer Hebrides, I was battered by strong gales, rain, sleet and hail. However, the feelings I experienced in such a place had nothing to do with the violent forces of nature. Instead, I felt calm, connected to a certain latent tranquility in the landscape. I was alone amidst endless white sand beaches, the ocean, the islands, the distant mountains and impressive stretches of machair where marram grass became a natural carpet brushed by the winds. I climbed the sand dunes and saw a whole universe in movement: Clouds, sea, vegetation... I felt the openness of the endless beaches and the sheer size of the never-ending sky which became a theater for drifting light and weather. I decided to create a photograph which would focus on the connotations offered by the landscape, the significations beyond the subject matter, the place and the moment. I was eager to photograph calm and tranquility and that connection between land, ocean and sky. This series of photographs, "watercolors", was the result.

About Photographer

Rafael Rojas was born in Spain 35 years ago. After a career spanning 10 years as an engineer and researcher/lecturer at the university he made a dramatic change by becoming a full time fine art photographer of the natural environment, his true passion and vocation. Today, he travels the wildest regions of our planet with a tripod on his shoulder, always in search of those fleeting moments when personal vision, light and land combine to create sheer magic and inspire the soul. His work goes well beyond merely documenting reality. It revolves around a strongly personal and artistic emotive interpretation of nature. His photographs have been awarded in the most prestigious international nature photography competitions, such as the IPA International Photography Awards (USA), GDT European Photographer of the Year (Germany), Natureâs Best Windland Smith Rice Photography Awards (USA), International Conservation Photography Awards (USA), MML Awards (Spain), Panoramic Photographer of the Year (Australia),Trierenberg Super Circuit (Austria), etc. His limited edition Fine Art prints, which are part of numerous private collections from individuals and corporations, are often exposed at international level in private galleries and museums (including the Smithsonian Museum, USA). Rafael Rojas' work has been widely published in books and magazines internationally. His last two books, "Visions of Earth" (2010) and "Natura" (2011), have opened the door to the creation of a new line of self-published books where Rafael Rojas combines his passion for photography and writing to stir the spirit and emotions of his audience. He is one of the co-founders of "Whytake.net - The Global Community of Nature PhotographersTM", and belongs to the select groups of photographers "Bouts de Planète" (France-Switzerland) and "Portfolio Natural" (Spain). He speaks French, English, Spanish, Romanian and Italian. He lives in Switzerland with his wife Anca.