The monks´ daily meal

PhotographerBirgit Neiser
PrizePortraiture / Culture
Entry Description

The monks´ daily meal, Myanmar In Myanmar (the former Burma), the main religion is Buddhism. Boys and men are expected to spend some time in a monastery at least once in their lives. Most go as young boys, often only for the period of the school holidays. Some boys stay on and get their education in the monastic schools. Monks of all ages are ubiquitous in the country. While in the monastery, they have to obey certain rules, 227 altogether. In the early morning, they go out carrying their alm bowls to collect rice, other food and goodies that they bring back to the monastery. Everything is shared in one big meal, no eating is allowed after 12 pm. Therefore, lunch is an important event of the day, everybody looks forward to it. This series of photographs show monks at lunchtime, preparing tea and dishes, happily going upstairs into the dining hall, eating and cleaning up. All this happens without a single word, eating goes hand in hand with silence, the food is eaten with mindfulness.

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