PhotographerKen Hermann
PrizePortraiture / Culture
Entry Description

Can beauty prevail when innocent people are disfigured by acid attacks? Can they rise stronger than before, more empowered and determined? Award winning photographer Ken Hermann and videographer Tai Klan travelled to Bangladesh to answer these questions. Through the great efforts of the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) the numbers of acid attacks have gone down, however Bangladesh is a country still plagued by acid attacks. In many cases the attack comes from within the family, mostly due to disputes over honour, dowry, property or land. Women, men and children are left with the painful physical and mental scars that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Focusing on the positive and aesthetic aspects of these otherwise tragic stories, Ken Hermann has created a strong portrait series, while Tai Klan takes us really close to the portrayed with his moving short documentary.