CompanySuelen Pessoa Arts
PhotographerSuelen Pessoa
PrizeFine Art / People_FA
Entry Description

My interest is to produce works that discuss conlficts both of internal and social order, from my micro scale to others micro scales, providing comfort (for identification) or discomfort (for repulsion) in people.

About Photographer

Suelen Pessoa is a young brazilian new media artist, with work on photography, video, performance and experimentations with sound / music. She is an intimate researcher whose work focuses on the study of herself - physically, emotionally and mentally. Introspective and intimate, her work reflects the constant concern of juxtaposing her place in her own universe with her place in The Universe. The work has a strong “take me or leave me” quality, that seduces by its honesty and the deceptive simplicity of her obsessions. The research of herself and on her conflicting relationship within, with others and with the world, promotes a high level of identification with the viewer that transcends culture. Her work speaks of a sensuality that is a trait of female identity, a sensory exploration of parts that make up the whole and an observation of the tangible and intangible world that surrounds all of us. By combining photography, video and performance as means of expression, the artist records the results of their actions, both directly, with theatrical performances, and through anonymous interventions - formed with only a vestigial presence - or objects based on explorations of her own body. At the core of the work is the approach of her existence somewhat schizophrenic, that simultaneously explores the role of scientist and rat. Other important traces also make regular appearances in the work – such as those related to scientific topics (orthodox or not) such as astrology, classical physics, quantum mechanics and biology. Born in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising (PUC Minas,2007) and postgraduate diploma in Images and Media Cultures (UFMG, 2010). Suelen has an ongoing passion for the study of the image, both in poetic and academic aspects.