First Day

Photographernone necessary
PrizeFine Art / Landscape
Entry Description

For this series, I created scenes using an iPhone. I take images of nature and merge them using various apps and my imagination. My inspiration comes from nature, in particular the western landscape, and its power to rejuvenate the human spirit. It inspires creativity and hope and brings tranquility to those who are open. With this series I often use the sun and moon, either directly or utilizing their ambient light. The sun can be seen as a life force, the moon as emotions or spirit. I often use trees in my imagery, as they symbolize hope and emergent power, not unlike a woman who realizes her own significance at the apex of her life.

About Photographer

I received my BFA in Photography in 1976 and continued to work as a visual artist in a variety of capacities, from studio/location photography to filmmaking for the US Navy. During the most recent phase of my life I've been pursuing fine art photography and iphoneography. My work has been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally and is included in collections at the Asia Society Museum and MIT's Islamic architecture library.