CompanyPiisani Design Studio
PhotographerAll rights Silvino González Morales, model Jef...
PrizeFine Art / Digitally Enhanced
Entry Description

Not only as a visual artist but specially as a photographer my interests not lays only in the subject, the emotions or the evocation of memory and feelings. I’m also deeply interested in the index, in the photographic act itself; in the materials, the chemical, optical and technical processes involved in the capture of the light. From the analogical to the digital tools and processes I don’t discard anything, I want to give a try to every technique, procedure and approach to the photography art and craft. This series is an example of my hunger and need to run risks, to challenge myself and think out the box of my conformity and safe ground. also is an example of my continuous process of learning by doing things and making mistakes (I’m a big lover of mistakes, wrong ways, dead ends and mazes). It is named Frozen, a game of significances between the process employed in it and the idea of how the photography freeze the time and the subjects in some limbo outside space and time and inserted it into the memory and imagination. I’ve used an Illford 400 black and white film. After the captures the film was frozen for almost a month, then it was developed in the lab, the negatives scanned and processed to positive using Photoshop. I left on the images fragments of the negative film borders, the damage produced by the ice crystals, the scratches. All the accidental variables, or at least out of my control, are part of my search in this series, all that “imperfections” are vital to the mood I want to evocate and are a subject of study itself. I use the mix of analogical and digital captures as metaphor of the construction and deconstruction of the male imagery in arts and fashion thereby the classic poses.

About Photographer

I've been linked to photography since I was born, my father is one of the photographers I admire the most. He have been a constant source of inspiration and support, as a matter of fact my whole family is the most important in my life. I have bipolar disorder and that have defined a lot of my interaction with the world and how I've decided to employ art, specially photography, as a cathartic tool to deal with my condition. My love for the image is ever growing, specially now that I'm more focused in the exploration of any kind of forms of capture and reproduction from nineteenth century to digital ones. I truly believe in the need to explore and push limits in the pursuit of expand our visual world. I do love to mix methods and approaches and in that process I try to find my own language and new ways to talk about the issues I feel more deeply: My role as an artist, the role of stereotypes in our societies and the life in post modern cities.