PhotographerRosario Leotta
PrizeFine Art / Abstract
Entry Description

The project "antimatter” tries to describe an ancient problem: today almost the entire matter and the forces moving the universe aren’t readable. This invisible mass is foreseen by the science by elimination, that is investigating the perceptible. It appears as an endless spider web sustaining the visible and extending across all the space. It’s obvious that a problem of this magnitude has had consequences of existential and philosophical nature, as well as scientific. My reaction to the problem is to imagine visions that recall shapes of antimatter invisible to us. I think that the final result also emulates primordial shapes existing in nature, reflecting inner conditions as well as universal. These are similar structures in many other observable dimensions. However, my research don’t want to go near to traditional and cosmogonic expressions, but to drawings able to instill the mysterious effect that antimatter and dark energy exert over ordinary matter.

About Photographer

He was born in Catania in 1982. Fascinated by the possibility of find new codes and formes of expressions, his artistic way is influenced by any kind of art. Love for the travel and symbols of the world conducts spontaneously him to photography. In 2007 he was finalist in the Mondadori Art Prize. During 2008 he moved to Naples and attends a photography master of the teacher Ugo Pons Salabelle. In 2009 won first Prize of Esonemea Photography Contest. In 2010 he was selected in Celeste Prize International (Photography Section) and he was finalist in the english prize Photographer of the Year (Documentary Section)