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PhotographerWong Kei Cheong
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I decided to make this book in the end of the summer of 2009, right after my trip in Europe, since I felt that was a changing point in my life. Back in Macau, I developed the film negatives and when I looked at the pictures I remembered very well all the moments we lived and true people we met. But looking better at the pictures I had a strange feeling, like if everything had happened long time ago in a distant world. All those situations didn’t seem real anymore and my images were like blurred old memories.

About Photographer

Born in 1985, I was given a rather old fashion name by my grandfather - Wong Kei Cheung. Being the second born of the family, my childhood has been really simple but amazingly happy. In 2004 after graduating from high school, I failed the entry exam to any university. So I started to work as a clerk in a bank. That year, after I earned my first salary payment, I bought myself a camera, and that was where my photography journey started. After working for five years at the bank, I found no reason to stay any longer. I decided to give myself a chance to indulge myself. I quit my job and embarked on a journey to Europe. I had to find what I had been looking for during those five lost years. Right now my job is to carry the camera and wander around. Following no rules but my own, I photograph people only when they are least prepared. Clicking the shutter in this way, I know these are the truest images that I can find.