People's Chefs

PhotographerPazu Chan
PrizeBook (series Only) / People
Entry Description

This is a feature about famous chefs in Hong Kong and UK. Their personality is projected in the images, like a chef likes to do kung fu practice or playing Mahjoog (traditional chinese game) etc.

About Photographer

A self-taught photographer in the 1990s, then become a full time one. Since 2000, Chan has laid his photographic footprint in mass titles in Hong Kong, fashion magazines in Greater China and Asia in-flight magazines by shooting covers, interviews and features. His consummate repertoire also includes inside pages for music records, stills for independent movies and stage productions. Meanwhile, he collaborates with international luxury brands in catalogue photo-shoots and advertising campaigns. Apart from photography, he works as art director for records, music videos and TV promotional trailers. Since 2010, Chan has started his attempt in innovative art projects. Through camera lens, he strives to re-think photographic transformation and the relationship between photography and city development. He has employed new media to establish a comparison between the new and old and the existential meaning of people as an individual entity.