Waters' Colours

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PrizeBook (series Only) / Nature
Entry Description

“Waters’ Colours is a growing body of photographic work about water. As I study water, I have observed how waters’ colours have influenced many artists from the glass artists of Murano, to this wonderful building created by Antoni Gaudi. Water has influenced the work of Gustav Klimit, Willem De Kooning, Savador Dali and many others. Water, ever changing and fluid, each new force creates a ripple, of pure potential.” This body of work “Waters’ Colours” is very abstract, colorful, and playful. It is drawn from reflections and is very reflective. I was born a few hundred feet from “the Big Spring” in Bellefonte, PA, a spring that originally gave Bellefonte its name (Beautiful Fountain). Since birth, environmental awareness, the environment, water and water pollution problems have ebbed and flowed throughout my life. My interests are broad and diverse: Ancient civilizations, customs, cultures, myths, legends, rituals, (sometimes religions) and the people creating and living within and effected by these broader themes interest me, and my work as well as the environment and environmental pollution issues. My work usually is about social issues… This work however is free from issues… It is about color, form, contemplation and reflection. It is about learning from and seeing water. As I look at the water I can see how many artists through time have been influenced by water. Forms in some of these pieces remind me of Savador Dali, Gustav Klimit, the glass of Murano, Florence paper making and print making.