Rayures dan la Nature

CompanyLennette Newell Photography
PhotographerLennette Newell
PrizeAdvertising / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

Image is from my ani-human project, used this image to promote my photography. Image with zebra and body painted human zebra is one capture with background added in post. by Rosanna Checchi - ZOOM Many childhood memories serve as a basis for the ongoing visuals that I produce.” “Ani-human” is the decidedly explicative title of her best-known series. Here the animals are the undisputed protagonists of the artistic scene, while human beings take a back seat, having to “recite” the more difficult part: resembling, feeling at ease with the animal and being accepted by it. How this theme is handled makes it unique in its genre and Lennette showed great skill and sensitivity in being able to capture those moments of perfect harmony between the bodies and expressions of two such different species. We are not talking about the special relationship between an owner and his dog, but with a cheetah, snake and baboon and their human models. Sinuousness and fascination exude from these works and they have the same elegance as Richard Avedon’s work. For once, it’s not the animals who are forced to adapt. On the contrary, man is the being psychologically subjugated, and this occurs in front of Lennette’s lens. “One of the biggest hurdles was finding the right human talent that was completely one with the animal and would feel at ease interacting. The animals, although trained, are still wild and reacted quite differently when seeing a human copy of themselves.