Good King Hal

CompanySimon Plant Photo Productions
PhotographerSimon Plant is an award-winning photographer & ...
PrizeAdvertising / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

"Life In A Somerset Landscape" A project of self promotional images showing people & animals from the county of Somerset in the south west of England.

About Photographer

Simon Plant is an award-winning photographer & retoucher with over two decades of experience in the production of people & location photography.

Whatever the subject his images share the same unique style and attention to detail from start to finish.These serene moments are created with his personal utilization of colour, light and rich tonal values, together with a personal interaction with his subject.
His aim to offer clients creative solutions on time and on budget.

Constantly exploring new imaging technologies and developing new techniques, he was one of the first photographers shooting HDR imaging for Automotive CGI Rendering in the U.K and is as experienced behind the computer in post production as he is behind the camera shooting.

Shooting for nationally, and internationally known clients, his work is reproduced worldwide.