Atypical Love

PhotographerCattleya Jaruthavee is a British/Thai photograp...
PrizeBook (series Only) / Fine Art
Entry Description

Atypical Love is a myriad of memories from a point in time. They confront a set of beliefs, bringing to light the relationship between love and delusion. By re-creating a cluster of memories, it forces the viewer to confront concealment and secrecy. As Erving Goffman once spoke of Information Control, “The stigma and the effort to conceal it or remedy it become 'fixed' as part of personal identity.” This very misinterpretation of the self often leads to a non-ideal form of love, otherwise known to the artist as Atypical Love.

About Photographer

Cattleya Jaruthavee is a British/Thai photographer and writer based in Bangkok. Her work focuses on socio-economic/political disparities occurring in the world. Cattleya graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Bristol and a Master of Arts in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom. Cattleya’s work has been exhibited in London, Bangkok, Yangon and Phnom Penh. Her recently published book, Unstable Grounds: Burmese Migrant Children in Thailand, examines the place of Burmese migrant children in Thailand’s bureaucratic structure. As well as having several ongoing photographic projects, she is also an activist.