Unanswered Prayers

PhotographerReginald Van de Velde
PrizeBook (series Only) / Documentary
Entry Description

Facts & figures show the inevitable: Christianity has declined very sharp over the last decade. Less people call themselves Christian and the trend is worldwide. There’s an overall collapse in belief and faith. Those who profess no religious affiliation have doubled over the last decade. We have abandoned God. We have abandoned faith & religion. This photographic series is taken in former religious buildings that were closed down for the public. It’s the shocking evidence of Christianity in decline. Evidence showing the religious downfall. These places were once safe havens for believers. As per today, all their prayers will remain unanswered.

About Photographer

Reginald Van de Velde (Belgium, 1975) scouts the unknown and the unseen. As a devoted traveller, he journeys into forsaken places all over the world, trying to capture the momentum of a fragile abandonment. His photographs are a showcase of past splendour found in derelict hospitals, mothballed monasteries, defunct power stations, crumbling castles and many other dormant structures - the result of an intangible desire to explore what mankind has left behind. The reverb of time is Reginald's vantage point. His works have been exhibited internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, including The Art & Science Museum (Singapore), Backlight Photo Festival (Finland), New York Photo Festival (USA), Somerset House (United Kingdom) and the Cannes Lions International Festival (France). He was a winner at the Cannes Lions International Festival (2011), and a finalist at the World Photography Awards (2011), as well as winning numerous other awards including the Triennial Barbaix Award for Photography (2008). His works have been featured in publications including The World Photography Awards Book, Aesthetica Magazine, Esquire Magazine, F11 Magazine, and the Beauty in Decay book, to name but a few. Photo editors from National Geographic Magazine have handpicked many of Reginald's photos as favourites. On many occasions Reginald has been invited as a guest speaker on creative and inspiring sessions around Europe. National archives and libraries have listed many of his pictures from forgotten structures and interiors that have been erased permanently.