PhotographerJulie de Waroquier
PrizeBook (series Only) / Fine Art
Entry Description

"Dreamalities" is a book published by KnowWare editions, and is composed of 63 photographs with unreleased texts (written in English and French). Between dreams and reality, I create pictures which look like they escaped from imagination, which disturb the categories of the material world. My approach is simply poetic; it raises questions about the world and the man who inhabits it: I'm looking for Meaning where our society wants us to see nonsense or vacuum.

About Photographer

Julie de Waroquier is a self-taught French photographer, also philosophy teacher, who started photography in 2008. Since 2010, she has distinguished herself by winning several national and international awards, including the International Emerging Artist Award. Her photographs are regularly exhibited, and were notably showcased at the Rencontres d’Arles. Julie de Waroquier is represented by several art galleries, and she participates in many French and international art fairs and events. Her work has been worldwide published, and in the end of 2012, she has published her first book "Dreamalities", which is edited by KnowWare editions. In 2014, this book is adapted as a short film, in collaboration with the film-maker and director Damien Steck.