Window Shatters

PhotographerMatt Brewin
PrizeAdvertising / Product
Entry Description

The Images are a representation of sports balls passing through glass windows at high speed. As our eyes cannot see an object travelling this quickly I had to envisage the outcome just after the ball passed through the pain. Studying various speeds of impact, break patterns and ball propulsion I composed these three (potentially) life sized Images. We do not associate these kinds of effects with objects passing through glass. This may be because it is uncommon that such an object connects with glass at such speed. Science tells us that if we were to increase the speed of the ball passing through the glass then the window would implode into shards similar to the impact of a bullet. To alternate the shapes and patterns of the shards would all be dependent on the precision, speed and size of the ball that was passing through the glass window. The ascetical qualities of these images are based on velocity and impact. As the ball carries through the window the glass shatters creating a destruction of shards that forms into shapes and patterns. Turning the canvas vertically implies that the ball is travelling at great speed.