" It's worth the fight "

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Entry Description

A series of photographs shot to promote the " FAB Awards " Food and beverage. This included a series of 7 print ads. The campaign features the likes of: Anthony Biles of Biles Inc., Guy Moore of Leo Burnett, Simon Learman of Adam & Eve DDB, Robin Wight of WCRS and Steve Spence. The ads feature jurors and personalities of the Advertising and Design world, duking it out over a food fight. with the copy reading: “Its worth the fight.” Shot on location at Holborn studios, London. It's got to be one of the messiest and smelliest food shoots, i've ever shot ! “‘It’s worth the fight’ is a little nod to the creative process. Most projects can take several months, even up to a year at times. So, staying motivated and focused on the work can be quite hard, as there’s always a few surprise knocks, elbows and sucker-punches along the way, The is former FAB winner Naz Nazli's brainchild, Creative Naz came up with the idea whilst judging the Awards two years ago. “I was actually judging The FAB Awards one year and the thought of a creative food fight popped into my head one lunch break. We’d been discussing food and drink advertising all morning, so it kind of made sense. Neeraj loved the concept and we managed to pull some favours to make it happen,” recounted Naz. “The hardest thing was probably trying to get all the ‘talent’ in to one place, and at the same time. All their diaries are crazy and we had a tight schedule, but we pulled it off,” continued Naz.

About Photographer

He just gets it... These are the words of one of London’s biggest advertising agencies about Andy Gallacher’s work. He's an outstanding photographer and a prolific winner of international awards. For Andy, innovation is nothing new. He finds remarkable ways to interpret your ideas and communicate your company, people and product brand values. Easyjet, Sainsburys, Warburtons and Towie are just some of the household names whose brands’ he’s captured. A seasoned experimenter with light and texture, he crafts new techniques that engage, inspire and keep him at the top of his game. Andy’s customers are king. He leaves nothing to chance. Every shot, angle and idea is well rehearsed and well communicated. Andy Gallacher creates beautifully executed images.