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PhotographerPhotographer: Talos Buccellati, Paris/London. ...
PrizeAdvertising / Fashion
Entry Description

since 2012 I started a collaboration with the unconventional Russian fashion designer Venera Kazarova, founding to build a personal project where meet our different vision and mood. We work together to build an unique universe of images, where the mix of portraiture, fashion style, lights and personal universe becomes the reason to meet us between Moscow and Paris. The paper cut creations are made as an open books pages, I was inspired by the mushrooms structure.

About Photographer

Talos Buccellati, born in 1976, is an Italian photographer that work regulary between Milan, Rome and Genoa. Graduated in Geography with a Post Degree Master in Peace Building Management (scolarship), during his studies he had developed a feeling to works into Reportage and Portraits. He developed professional skill with particular interest to International News, Landscape, Editorial, Art, Internationals crisis, Ealth, Social Issues, Internationals conflicts, people, environment, freelance Photojournalism, Communication and Media, Visual Art.