WC, Words & Cafés

PhotographerDUHAMEL Tristan
PrizeBook (series Only) / Documentary
Entry Description

Projet de Livre de photo : WC, Words and Caf and copy : 200 x 200 mm Un jour, dans les toilettes .Paris, je commen lire les petits mots manuscrits sur les murs de faire ce recueil de messages, ambiance des et de leurs toilettes Le livre fonctionne en doubles pages dont les photos se pondent. Ainsi, jai cherch capturer des instants de vie, des situations dr les ou potiques qui sont en synergie avec les mots.

About Photographer

Tristan Duhamel graphic designer, photographer and multimedia artist. It all began when he received an Olympus OM 1 camera for his birthday. His art studies at 'Maryse Eloy' school allowed him to learn about photography basics, then assisted Thibault Jeanson photographer for house and Garden, Vogue decoration..., allowing his first 'reportage' for Vogue Men (France 1990) From multimedia, graphics designer, and photography, he decided to focus on graphic design, incorporating his photographic skills as well as developing his private workshops with Video and photography. «WC, WOrds & Cafes» is a concept based on pairs of complimentary/interactive photos. This book is introducing series based on themes such as : Love, Philosophy, Politics, Women, Men, pictograms, dogs, etc... Michel Husson, photgraphic book editor, is busy setting up projects such as : a 'classic' exhibition as well as an exhibition in proper 'cafes'. PX3 Honorable Mention will help and support making these projects reality.