PhotographerSophia Koopman
PrizeFine Art / Digitally Enhanced
Entry Description

These photos of flowers are in PS digitally enhanced to change the atmosphere

About Photographer

Born 1947 in Den Helder, The Netherlands 1964 - 1968 Art school department textile. Since 1969 Exhibitions in several galleries and museums in Holland. Since my 16th I am busy with photography. First with my moms Exacta and later with my own Practica and later a Nikon FE2. I did print my photographs in my own darkroom. To day I am working with film and also with some digital cameras and last year I am interested in some alternative processes. For several years I used my photographs as design for my woven wall hangings later photography was the only art form within I expressed myself. The subjects I most love are structures, nature, the seashore and harbours. Last years I am busy with a series of flowers and especially with the fading beauty of tulips. Sophia Koopman