The Sea Inside

PhotographerSvjetlana Tepavcevic
PrizeFine Art / Other_FA
Entry Description

The sea has always had a magnetic effect on me. When I was growing up, I spent summers at the Adriatic Sea. In the evenings, I liked to take long, solitary swims. Far from the shore, time slowed down; only the glow of the day's last light and the deep darkness of the sea seemed to exist. I found unspeakable beauty and peace in my deep seawater solitude. In the summer of 2008, a world away from the Adriatic Sea, I began to photograph waves. The desire was instinctive and almost inexplicable. I wanted to tame the untamable and express what the eye cannot see in fast-moving waves. I wanted to find the sea inside. Waves are a mysterious and violent force. Yet near them I feel the same exhilarating peace of my solitary swims. No two waves are ever alike. They embody the idea of the infinite. These images are like portraits, exploring the subject's inherent complexities and oppositions. Waves are fraught with dualities and contradictions--at once they embody birth and destruction; force and fragility; chaos and peace. I find the most poetic expression at the edge of the camera's ability to capture form. While they emphasize abstraction, the images are also imbued with my moods and feelings, and my emotional connection to the sea. Going beyond the mere photographic representation, the images in The Sea Inside are unique, subjective interpretations. They are at once portraits of waves but also records of emotions.