PhotographerJAY carreon
PrizeFine Art / Still Life
Entry Description

Fruits & berries photographed with a 4x5 view camera on Fujichrome transparency film.

About Photographer

I am torn between two genii - one continually proclaims that the females of the species are angels. The other whispers close that they are all nymphomaniacs! Since 1997 I have been developing my photography. It is a journey that I am enjoying just as much as I am anticipating the destination (or destinations!). In spite of the seeming inexorable trend towards digital, I continue to shoot on film and have even begun discovering the joys of Polaroid & instant film! If you are interested in working with me or collaborating with me, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you! What is ruining the perception/expectation of beauty and attractiveness are all these heavily-Photoshopped images that erase all trace of individuality from a person. People are beautiful BECAUSE of their imperfections, NOT in spite of them! A person's individuality and life history is written on their physical being via marks and scars and removing every little physical quirk on a person's skin robs them of that.