PhotographerLuke Smith
PrizeFine Art / Nudes
Entry Description

The idea behind this image came from reading the work of nineteenth century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who spent the 1870âs deliberating the question of âwhat is truthâ. Nietzsche believed that truth cannot be recognized; stating that everything that is knowable is an illusion. He declared knowing always involves creating transference of meaning which people associate with metaphors. The reason that all knowledge involves metaphors is that knowing is supposed to be the adequate expression of an object in the subject. And since the âsubjectâ and the âobjectâ, the âknowerâ and the âknownâ are imagined to be radically independent of each other, knowing always demands a âtransferâ or a âcopy-overâ from one sphere into the other. This is seen as concept formation and it is these concepts that construct our world and our reality. Nietzsche viewed this concept as the creation of illusion meaning that there are no absolutes. I considered through the creation of this image the reality of oneâs world without metaphors and wanted to illustrate this through the subject being naked and falling into nothingness to illustrate ones reality without illusions. Reasserting and reaffirming that all is construction and myth.

About Photographer

I am currently a 2nd year photography student on a BA course at the London College of Communication. My work is developed from research. It is constructed by means of images with a suggestive narrative in response to a variety of issues shaped by our social, domestic, cultural and political environment.