and even though...

PhotographerJessica Tremp
PrizePortraiture / Self-Portrait
Entry Description

a world of ambiguous narratives, leaving behind a kind of emotional authenticity rather than a literal accuracy and finding moments of hope and trust in the unusual

About Photographer

Born in 1981, Jessica Tremp grew up in Switzerland before moving to Melbourne at the age of 18. She brought with her a love for theatrics, romanticism and nature and has started combining these with her growing passion for the art of photography a few years ago. Though Tremp has attended the odd photography class here and there, she is almost entirely self-taught. She prefers to shoot in natural light which she feels gives her the freedom to shoot more spontaneously and organically. She hopes her work may lead you into a world filled with drama, where she tries to tug at your heart strings or into a world of imagination and humor. She draws inspiration from Blues music, a bowl of spaghetti eaten alone, hugs, fights, the animal kingdom, uncomfortable social experiences, daydreaming of running with the wolves and from somewhere deep inside that we all feel is there but can never quite put words to.