role of happy me

PhotographerMu-Tien Ho
PrizePortraiture / Self-Portrait
Entry Description

Sometimes I really want to be someone else. Other people's lives look more interesting, even their vexations look more meaningful. But as I grow up, I finally find out that everyone has his own suffering. The only way out is to accept who we are and enjoy our own lives. Although there are always hard times, it's better to stay positive. I imagine ways that can help me still enjoy my identity when I have to do things I don't really like, and then act the role of happy me. You know what? This really helps. Interestingly this makes me feel good to be me!

About Photographer

Taiwanese photographer, currently living in Brighton, UK. Mu-Tien's works started as black and white urban landscape. After few years of darkroom experience, she turns to digital equipments to explore scenes of everyday life she is personally related to, as some works include performative and self-portraits. From exterior to interior, now she keeps observing the space where human activity takes place and the cultural phenomenon within it.