Faces of a Nation

PhotographerAriel Estulin
PrizePortraiture / Culture
Entry Description

Faces tell story's. And in Nepal, the story is one of hardships and poverty. Yet despite these struggles, I found the people of Nepal to be open and generous. Always willing to share what little they have.

About Photographer

Ariel Estulin is an award winning photographer and graphic designer. Primarily interested in landscapes, he travels the world seeking out beauty in those wild and remote places on earth that still remain untouched by civilization and where nature commands ultimate attention. When Ariel first picked up a camera, it represented another extension of his creative expression � translated through the camera lens. Self-taught as a photographer, he travelled to New Brunswick to spend time with Freeman Patterson, Canada�s renowned photographer, to learn the art of making great photographs. His training as a graphic artist continually shapes what he sees through the lens in order that elements such as light, shape and colour work in harmony before he captures the moment. Today, Ariel divides his time between his busy graphic design business and his love of photography. His work has been published in magazines and showcased with exhibitions.