Beyond the Glass

PhotographerGilberto Costa
PrizePortraiture / Children
Entry Description

In the 10th June 2010 I embarked on a journey between Kota Bahru and Kuala Lipis in the local train which crosses the verdant Kelantan´s jungle. This train is the main mean of transportation for most of the residents of this area, but, over time, it gained some fame among the most curious and intrepid traveler, so, I ended up there. Apart of having a nice travel experience, I was expecting, also, to take some fine pictures, and just right of the beginning of the trip, which lasted about seven hours, I started to take numerous photos inside the train, and, of course, towards outside, catching the magnificent landscapes of the surroundings. It was a normal weekday, with lots of people going to work, to school, to the markets, or just jumping between villages, and soon I realized that the major source of photographic interest were the passengers that were behind the windowâs carriages, waiting for their stop. Rapidly, I changed my main motif and started to catch the people staring outside the train. It was a very enthusiastic way of photographing, and naturally, I became one more element in their views. Particularly, there were many children in the train so, easily, most of the pictures are from the young ones. Sometimes inside the carriage, dangerously stretching my arm looking for the best shooting angle, and sometimes outside, in a route´s break, I took several snaps of this moments, which I called âBeyond the Glassâ.