Following the Path Well Travel

PhotographerKathleen Gerber
PrizeNature / Wildlife
Entry Description

What a magical morning in Tarangire, Tanzania, the sunâs rays casting down from between the gray clouds, the grasslands golden glow, a herd of zebra grazing in the fields, then without a warning the herd congregates and takes off down the road.

About Photographer

I have always appreciated photography and I began my own journey years ago with my Pentax K1000 I received when I graduated high school...........that was a few years ago. So I have dabbled for quite a while focusing on landscapes and family. I held off with getting my digital SLR several years to allow time, pricing and technology to move forward so I could afford my dream camera...........The time came a couple years ago when the stars aligned and I purchased my Nikon D90 - just in time for a trip in a lifetime to Africa I shared with my mom and sister. I love exploring amazing photographers work and am constantly inspired to expand my body of work.