PhotographerRafal Maleszyk
PrizeNature / Trees
Entry Description

Taken on a small island of Oahu, Hawaii, this landscape photograph print portrayed an overpowering mountain that seemed to watch over you from behind a weak tree. I spent long hours composing the image, appreciating the texture provided by the trees, and I hoped to capture the vibrant energy of the place. Photographs are printed on fine art archival exhibition quality paper.The Breathing Color Optica One paper, 100% cotton rag.Ultrachrome K3 archival pigment inks are used to produce all photographs.

About Photographer

My aim as a photographer is to create sophisticated art by simplifying the image. For me, photography is the ultimate form of art. It allows me to express my innermost experiences with nature. Inhabiting a time-hungry world of fleeting moments and experiences, simplicity is a precious state best captured and experienced under the lens. Photography helps me to convey these intimate and rare spectacles I derive from Nature. It is my privilege to witness and record fine and unique perspectives.