Blind Piano Girl

PhotographerAmy Lyne
PrizePress / People/Personality
Entry Description

I met B. the same day she discovered the piano. Her mother told me she had been blind since birth and though she would often sing, she never spoke. I shadowed B's every move, until she sat down not knowing what was in front of her. As the first note rang out, B. squealed with glee, twisting and turning her head then body almost in contortions. She pounded the keys, euphoric and oblivious to the cacophony. Her mother said she had never seen her so happy. The Photographs were shot out of focus intentionally to help convey B's blindness.

About Photographer

Amy Lyne is a freelance documentary photographer, whose work focuses on social issues that tend to be overshadowed by the headline news. After attending La Sorbonne in Paris and Bogaziciâs University in Istanbul, Lyne received her BFA in Photography from New York Universityâs Tisch School of the Arts, as well as her BA in Art History and French Literature. Lyne has exhibited in galleries and festivals throughout the US and abroad, including the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, the Benaki Museum in Greece, Les Rencontres dâArles in France and the Sounding Jerusalem Festival, where her work was projected against the Old Cityâs walls. Lyne has worked on various humanitarian projects, including a collaboration with Michel Comte from 1999-2002 on âPeople and Places with No Nameâ, benefiting the International Committee of the Red Crossâ activities in Angola, Ethiopia and Afghanistan. Lyne was involved in âWe are the Futureâ, a joint effort between Quincy Jonesâ Listen Up Foundation and The Glocal Forum, a coalition committed to giving a voice to children living in the worldâs most war-ravaged regions. Lyne has also collaborated with Nicolas Hulot, one of Europeâs most respected environmentalists, on âUshuaia Natureâ, a television series about indigenous cultures around the world. Lyne has produced many multi-media pieces, including âIf I Could Wake Up Tomorrowâ¦â, which was commissioned by the Emotion Pictures Festival, and addressed the issue of ability with the participation of Eva Mendes, Danny Boyle and Richard Gere, to name a few. Lyne is currently working on âSeeingâ, a project about people living with visual impairment and âInnocenceâ, a book of her photographs of children from around the world. Lyne is represented by Flo Peters Gallery in Hamburg, Germany. âPhotography celebrates life and shows how beauty, dignity and hope can be found in the most unlikely places."