Relative Perspective of trees

PrizePress / Nature/Environmental
Entry Description

The photographer shifts his coordinates swiftly, as the object stands still at its location. Thus, this work makes use of the relative speed differential between the moment of movement and far/near distances and is shot in ONE take, in ONE frame. â¦..the rotating movement is not from the scene, but instead, is from the photographerâs spine. His waist and pelvis is as the axle center, driving the camera lens, in a PAN SHOT. The spiral scene is a metaphor, as a ripple, enlarging the photographerâs physical experience. (All the works were made without any Photoshop effects . )

About Photographer

He is an artist who pays attention to the art environment, alienation, (how media is a prosthetic for our amputated sense of self) and physical action. In addition to his role as an artist, he has also been an arts administrator overseeing public works, and maintains a growing file of contemporary performing arts documentation.