PhotographerIku Kageyama
PrizeBook (series Only) / Fine Art
Entry Description

The series, "re:birth" is about people today, who pursue different ways in living their lives, making their choices that define their next steps. This series is about people today who push through their struggles to move forward in places where they may have lost their way. "re:birth" is about people who discover that if they push through their struggles, you can be reborn. The images reflect people's feelings of the past and present in the same location. The location they've chosen are places that hold meaningful memories, which make them unforgettable to each person. Therefore, revisiting these locations trigger those memories; thus, they feel the contrast of their past and present.

About Photographer

Iku Kageyama was born in Tokyo, Japan. She started working as a professional photographer in 2003 and she changed her photo professionalism from Tokyo to New York & Paris in 2007. Her father is also a professional photographer, and he encouraged her to pursue photography. Her mother was a fashion designer, so she has been surrounded by art her whole life. She affiliates with Galerie ElizabethCouturier in Lyon, Galerie Debruille-Zlotogora in Saint Germain Des Prés, Paris, and AZIART in Lille, France. She likes traveling. And also, she loves dogs and cats. She adores her boston terrier and chihuahua.