PhotographerStephane Suisse
PrizeBook (series Only) / Documentary
Entry Description

Souvenirs de moments vecus qui persistent, De lieux parcourus, D odeurs reminiscentes qui vous ramenent vos souvenirs D espace, de details, de choses insignifiantes Des moments de vie Solitude ------- Memories of experienced instants, remaining, Traveled places, Odours, reminiscences that bring you back to your memories, Space, details, insignificant things, Moments of life, Loneliness.

About Photographer

Stepahne Suisse is an independent French Photographer living in the city of Lyon - France. A major part of his work is composed of Black & White landscapes, color appearing more recently within aquatic landscapes in the "Aqualorée" series. He dreads photography among our environment, in consonance with ceaseless wanderings, to discover new atmospheres, of short-lived moments which unfold themselves within singular long poses.